How We Work


Our Principles & Approach:

  • Effective direct consultation with key stakeholders: We recognise that all stakeholders have a valuable and valid contribution.We have repeatedly demonstrated our expertise in working strategically, constructively and effectively with multiple, varied and competing stakeholders. Our consultants bring sound communication (both written and oral) skills, are experienced in consultation and communication at all levels, and have extensive experience in leading focus groups, workshops and public consultations. We have demonstrated successful interaction with service users, their families and carers, staff, managers, politicians and academics across a range of sectors and in sensitive environments, and in the disability and community service sectors in particular.We understand that a major part of our task is balancing stakeholders’ differing needs, desires and frames of reference as well as balancing effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Stakeholder acceptance:   We aim to facilitate a learning and encouraging environment through processes that are open, honest, transparent, informed, informative and efficient.We are mindful to minimise intrusion on agency time and resources, and disruption to usual operations.
  • Contextual relevance:  We fully appreciate the policy and legislative framework within which our clients operate.We take account of agencies’ unique history, internal and external environments, operating systems and structures, relationships with other services and authorities, community and member needs and service demands, together with contemporary and evidence-based practice, in identifying the next steps.
  • Enabling implementation success:   We attend to the ‘where to now and how’ with recommendations that are practical, relevant and position the organisation for success, and with reporting that identifies capacity building requirements, highlights good business practice, enables service improvement, incorporates accountability measures, and provides clear targets, processes, guidelines, performance indicators and timelines.