Facilitation, Negotiation & Conflict Resolution


Both of our principal consultants have a human resources and industrial relations background, as well as extensive experience as executive managers of complex service programmes and agencies.

We have sound communication (both written and oral) skills, are experienced in consultation and communication at all levels, and have repeatedly demonstrated our capacity to interact with service users, their families and carers, staff, managers, politicians and academics across a range of sectors and in sensitive environments, and in the disability and community service sectors in particular.

We have extensive experience in conducting public meetings, workshops, focus groups, meetings and negotiations.

We bring high level analysis, negotiation and influencing skills in addressing complaints, conflicts, problems, and organisational dysfunction, and in closing agreements and contracts.

We are skilled in facilitating supportive environments for Boards, managers and staff to plan, build unity in strategic direction, develop skills, build capacity, solve problems, and be creative and innovative, and repeatedly demonstrated our expertise in working strategically, constructively and effectively with multiple, varied and competing stakeholders.