Why Choose Us?



Your issues will be dealt with comprehensively, analytically and expeditiously, and will be concluded with a detailed report in a format that meets your specific requirements.


Our principal consultants have extensive executive management and consulting experience in the public sector, experience in the tertiary education sector and Masters’ degrees in business administration or public sector policy and administration.


Our breadth of experience and highly developed consultation, communication and collaborative skills assist us in developing a thorough understanding of the issues under consideration.  It is likely that we have dealt, as executive managers, with issues similar to those facing your organisation or workplace.


We have high level experience and understanding of the management challenges in complex environments such as the public sector, as well as extensive experience working in the health, disability and community sectors as executive managers, service providers and as consultants.  This gives us a keen understanding of the context in which our clients operate and the challenges they face in finding and implementing solutions.


As a small business, we bring advantages e.g.

  • Our people:   The breadth and depth of our principal consultants’ experience and expertise is highly unusual.
  • Direct involvement:   Our principals are hands on, and directly undertake all projects. We do not delegate tasks to less qualified personnel, nor do we delegate customer relations, quality assurance or management of project progress or outcomes to others.
  • Flexibility:   The depth and breadth of our experience and expertise allows us to tailor our services and approaches to each client’s needs.